Students grab a quick pre-ballet class breakfast in the academy's cafeteria. Students that live too far to commute live in the academy's dormitory.
 These bars have been graced by some of the legendary Russian ballet dancers-Pavlova, Balanchine, Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Lopatkina, a.o.
 First year students warming up during ballet class.
 Perfecting the arm positions.
 Getting ready for those first pointe shoe classes.
 Going on pointe for the first time - though many students have been practicing this outside of class for a long time.
 Students watch attentively as their ballet teacher gives corrections on proper form.
 Curious students follow the more advanced classes of the older students. A good opportunity to stretch those ballerina feet.
 Third year students awaiting class on the raked studio floor.  
 Getting the demi-seconde arm position down.  
 Class practicing their jumping skills.
 A student working on perfecting her arabesque.
 A student arching her back into the extended leg during arabesque exercises.  
 The back of a third year Vaganova ballet student.
 The class working on the attitude derriere.
 Class practicing their developpé.
 Attitude croise derriere.
 Students, in their dorm room, recap before bedtime what they worked on in today's class.            Photographs © Sam Asaert - 2013                
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