Village boy and his radio.
 Village girl and my sunglasses
 Mother and her children
 A father enjoys some shade in the hot sun-baked afternoon  
 A boy, his mother and the beloved family mule return from a trip to the village water well
 Brothers share the hash pipe
 Sahara Berber nomad leading some of his camels through the dunes
 Hamza - a nomad Berber raising his family next to a Sahara oasis
 Hamza's son outside their desert house  
 Withstanding a sandstorm
 Nomads enjoying good conversation during a desert thunderstorm
 In conversation with Hamza's nearest neighbour, a few kilometers away
 Hamza strolling through his beloved Sahara
 The Sahara desert
 The cemetery of Fez
 The Fez taneries
 Tanery boy coloring the leather with yellow dye
 Ali, one of the Fez tanners, takes a small break from the backbreaking work
 Removing the wool
 The tanners of Fez sell their leather to the leather artisans who convert it to tourist souvenirs such as handbags, sandals and pencil cases
 A family sits down for tea in the Moroccan capital of Rabat
 A family sits down for tea in the suburbs of Marrakesh
 A proud father         Photographs © Sam Asaert - 2011                
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