Spanish translation of the Holy Quran.
A proud Mexican Muslim welcomes me once I enter the mosque.
Veronica and Claudia, two Mexican converts.
An African Muslim enters the mosque for the Jumu'ah, or Friday Prayer.
A Mexican boy keeps busy as his father connects to Allah.
The mosque's Imam solomnizes the marriage.
A Mexican Muslim after the Jumu'ah.
The building of Al Hikmah, in one of the suburbs of Mexico City
Hamza Rojas, Mexican convert and informational staff member of Al Hikmah.
Rojas explains Islam to Zeltin Mota, who wishes to convert.
Islamic literature, printed in Saudi Arabia, distributed in Mexico.
The women's prayer room on the top floor of the Al Hikmah center.
Vivian, a Mexican girl being converted to Islam.
Sufi leader Amina al Jerrahi, in the prayer room of the oder.
Men and women pray together in the Sufi order of Mexico City.
Vivian and her aunt, shortly after her conversion to Islam.
After our interview the Sufi order commences its spiritual ceremony.
Accompanied by chanting and music the Mexican dervish twirls into the early morning.
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