Overlooking Tehran, a girl's mandatory hijab flies off in a ghust of wind.
 Enjoying a smoke after a long night of music and dancing.
 English Literature students in front of Azadi Tower. They granted my request for one photo—this is the second.
 Skaters at Tehran's Abo Atash skate park.
 Illustrator and printmaker Yasamin sets out for another sketch session in one of Tehran's many parks.
 A girl sketching the chess players at Park-e Laleh.
 The Tehran Cultural Orchestra rehearsing for their performance of Handel's Sarabande.
 A ballerina covers herself as she heads out into the street.
  Pofs —the local term for muscular metrosexuals, often with some surgically enhanced features.
  Bastani —Tehrani's love their ice cream, often boasting it is the best in the world.
 A fashion designer on Tasjrish. Most Tehrani's have one or more mobile phones.
 Relaxing on an excursion to the woods outside of Tehran.
 The Zara store clerk waits impatiently as two girls try on a pair of sandals.
 Tehrani girls—fashionable and colorful—stride through the ASP Complex.
 Playing a Terminator shooting game at the Arcade Hall of Arg Shopping Center.
 Baristas at the popular student cafe Giiv.
 Girl discussing, laughing, smoking and getting caffeinated at one of the many cafes.
 BMXers going up Valiasr.
 A street musician trying his luck on a warm autumn evening.
 Girls taking a nightly selfie at Bom-e Tehran, overlooking the city.
 Fruit, chai, cigarettes and good conversation, at an evening gathering of friends.
  «Masha'Allah»  Young boys appreciating the girls that pass.
 Wandering around the many nooks and crannies Tehran offers to young people that want to relax.
 A B-boy trying out his moves in one of the many maze-like passageways of Ekbatan.
 Legendary Tehran Bboy Grubby, showing his hands after a rehearsal.
 Popular music group Bomrani, after a concert at Azadi.
 Dreaming of her imminent emmigration, while going for a nightly drive with friends.
 Enjoying music and marijuana in the shadows of a park.
 A late-night house party.
 Driving into Tehran after a weekend of relaxing escapism at the Caspian Sea.            Photographs © Sam Asaert, 2015 - 2016                
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